NorthLight Residence is a real estate complex with 110 premium apartments including 2-rooms, 3-rooms, Duplex 3-rooms and Penthouses. Our Bucharest residential complex offer new apartments to our residents and an urban relaxing lifestyle. NorthLight Residents feel at-home and are provided an excellent experience with our hands on Property Management company supporting the community at all times.

NorthLight Residence provides Investors the opportunity to join InteRo Property Development Investment Group. We take pride in offering Our Investors the to chance to purchase InteRo real estate resulting in excellent returns on their investment.
Our current Investment opportunity is a one-time offer. VIP Investor Package supports Our Investors investment in NorthLight Residence by ensuring a strong partnership is built on trust and financial gains.

Investor Returns


Minimum Yield Expected


Expected YOY Property Appreciation


Minimum Yearly Return Expected


Minimum 5 Year Return Expected

InteRo is a family business on the real estate development market in Bucharest, which aims to build large projects with a strong impact that will offer a unique experience through integrated design and innovation.

We believe InteRo Property Development Investment Group creates business partnerships globally. Our Company mission is to build large scale developments while contributing to Romania’s economy, vitality and growth.


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